3 March

Moscow, CC "Technopolis"


International forum

of commercial space industry

Speakers 2017
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4182. Igor Burenkov
Igor Burenkov
Director of Communications
4266. Sergey Krikalev
Sergey Krikalev
Executive Director of the manned programs
6224. Rene Pischel
Rene Pischel
Head of representative in Russia
6127. Vladimir Terekhov
Vladimir Terekhov
6200. Vadim Makhov
Vadim Makhov
Founding Partner of Investment fund
4185. Nikolay Sevastyanov
Nikolay Sevastyanov
General Designer
6191. Aliya Prokofyeva
Aliya Prokofyeva
4191. Dmitry Bakanov
Dmitry Bakanov
6242. Mikhail Pogosyan
Mikhail Pogosyan
4140. Sergey Ivanov
Sergey Ivanov
6245. Denis Kravchenko
Denis Kravchenko
Deputy Chairman of the Committee Meeting on economic policy, industry, innovative development
6248. Yury Makarov
Yury Makarov
Head of the Development Strategy Department
3924. Sergey Zhukov
Sergey Zhukov
Head of the working group AeroNet
4002. Vladimir Gershenzon
Vladimir Gershenzon
4179. Aleksey Belyakov
Aleksey Belyakov
Vice president
4230. Andrey Ionin
Andrey Ionin
Chief analyst
4285. Aleksandr Baurov
Aleksandr Baurov
Head of Department for Cooperation with innovative structures
6107. Dmitry Solomentsev
Dmitry Solomentsev
4110. Michael Bolsunovsky
Michael Bolsunovsky
First Deputy General Director
4116. Valentin Uvarov
Valentin Uvarov
Director of the Department of Manned Space Systems
6220. Alexander Markov
Alexander Markov
Head of Science and Technology Center
6221. Yusef Hesuani
Yusef Hesuani
Managing partner
6203. Alexander Semenov
Alexander Semenov
Chief designer
3870. Pavel Pushkin
Pavel Pushkin
6360. Alexander Zhiganov
Alexander Zhiganov
Deputy chief of the rocket and space technology use department
4279. Igor Marinin
Igor Marinin
Founder and editor of the magazine
6206. Sergey Krichevskiy
Sergey Krichevskiy
6247. Valeria Pride
Valeria Pride
4257. Veronika Shteyngardt
Veronika Shteyngardt
Curator of the project of satellites assembly on ISS with using technology of 3D-printing