Final Stratollite tourist balloon tests are done

Final Stratollite tourist balloon tests are done


The latest tests of the Stratollitez stratospheric aerostat by World View are finished. For the first time they were conducted at a specially equipped site in Tucson, Arizona. The American startup got real close to implementing the space tourism organization project.

World View offers to go to a 30km altitude in the cabin of a gas filled air balloon. This is where the stratosphere begins, while the space borderline is defined at a 100km altitude. Airliners usually don’t go higher than 10km.

Tickets for the first trip, piloted by a former NASA astronaut Ron Garan, are already on sale for $75 000. The flight will last several hours and there won’t be gravity free state on board of the balloon.

Descending is provided by gas leaving the aircraft. The last few kilometers to the Earth passengers will have to cover by parachutes.


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