Launch of Chinese spacecraft Shenzhou-11 was successful

Launch of Chinese spacecraft Shenzhou-11 was successful


October 17, 2016, Chinese spacecraft Shenzhou-11 has been launched with further entering the orbit. The event took place at 7.30 a.m. local time. Two astronauts are on board.

Three hours earlier, there was a farewell where astronauts confirmed their full readiness to the mission.

Half an hour before the start when the latest preparatory works were completed, spaceport officials left the take-off.

Engines began to roar after the final countdown and the audience could see the spacecraft rapidly becoming smaller, dropping off stairs.

Later on, Shenzhou-11 docked with orbital module Tiangong-2 and astronauts entered its board. The project is aiming to conduct a range of experiments to research space’s impact, especially microgravity and radiation, on the development of plants and human body, initially on the cardiovascular system.

Astronauts will spend 30 days at the space laboratory equipped with 14 kinds of scientific equipment. When they come back to the Earth, the spacecraft will continue collecting information automatically.