Will Russia send tourists into space?

Will Russia send tourists into space?


Space tourism is a new and very interesting trend that is actively developing in the field of modern world tourism.

However, the amount of organizations providing services on space travelling is limited. Moreover, they all have a standard scheme of work: payment, training, flight.

What is the point of space tourism?

A tourist having paid for services can make a trip to the Earth orbit or into space. This kind of entertainment has become increasingly popular. This flight can be conducted for different purposes, both to entertain or to get new experiences, or for scientific research purposes.

You should agree that it is difficult to refuse the chance to experience zero gravity or feel like an astronaut. In addition, many companies are developing a variety of services combining space services on professional level.

Will there be a space hotel?

It is assumed that if such tourist trips are in demand, the range of services will be expanded in the future. You can hold a wedding ceremony, a corporate party or celebrate a birthday  on the board of the space ship. In addition, tourists can take a walk into the open space in suits and subject to an appropriate training. Naturally, you will have to pay a tidy sum for such pleasure.

A couple of years ago, Excalibur Almaz informed that they were going to start the tourist space flights in 2015 including flights around the Moon. It is possible that in the future space tourists will be able to land on the surface of the Earth satellite.

The USSR could make tours into space

However, the life made adjustments in these plans. At the moment, there is a legal process between the Japanese billionaire investor Takafumi Horie and the head of Excalibur Almaz Arthur Dula. Horie claims that Dula tricked him to spend more than 50 million dollars on creation of the "secret Soviet space stations" that could be used for sending tourists to the ISS or to the Moon.

Advantages and disadvantages of space tours

The main disadvantage is a high cost of such pleasure that is estimated at the level of 20 - 40 million dollars. As an additional entertainment, targeted companies offer a new service - the possibility for tourists to access into space. The cost of such extreme entertainment will be about 15 million dollars.

It is interesting that companies are planning to build accommodations for space tourists.

According to the grandiose intentions, such unearthly hotels will have a number of special features. It is planned to have the "Earth" range of hotel services, the original view from the window and the possibility of a long stay in the weightless state.

Bigelow Aerospace project founded in 1999 is of the greatest interest. In June 2006, the Russians launched Genesis-1. It is an experimental satellite of Bigelow Aerospace created with the latest technology. The following year, they launched Genesis-2 using Dnepr carrier vehicle. These actions were taken in order to create opportunities for the transfer of a residential unit with an inflatable shell into the open space.

How will the space tourism in Russia be developing?

In 2008, official representative of Virgin Galactic began to sell tickets for flights on Space Ship Two. The announced price was 200 thousand dollars or 5 million rubles.

There are no plans to open a Russian travel agency providing space flights, as this type of tourism is not very popularity. Moreover, there is no required spacecraft and equipment for professional tourist flights in Russia.

If the situation changes over time, the development of space tourism in our country can be quite successful. After all, such difficulties do not prevent the development of world industry. In particular, the maximum attention is paid to the level of safety of tourists during space travelling.