VR will help astronauts during long missions

VR will help astronauts during long missions


At the beginning of December Moscow will host the conference dedicated to space medicine and biology. Among other issues the use of VR technology for supporting astronauts’ mental condition and working capacity on orbital stations and during long space travel will be discussed.

VR technology is viewed as the instrument which can be used not only for training to cope with stressful situations but also for active recreation and recovery process after a hard working day.

It can help compensate lack of color diversity on the board of a spacecraft or a station. It is known that color can influence a person’s wellbeing.

Thanks to VR headsets astronauts can enjoy nature and imagine themselves in another place. According to researches, when people see beautiful light scenery, they experience positive emotions. The more realistic the illusion is, the stronger it affects a human.

Influencing people by sound, color and image, VR will become effective means of supporting astronauts’ mental health at the adequate level.