Outer business: which companies push space industry forward?

Outer business: which companies push space industry forward?


Roaming is on its way to become a thing of the past: communications will be available and cheap everywhere on the Earth. Scientists will be able to take photos of our planet with a high resolution permitting to see leaves on the trees. What is more, a space journey would cost cheaper than an automobile. It can become a reality due to private companies since they make space services affordable to us.

Yaliny company is developing roaming free mobile communications and limitless Internet, which will cost $10 monthly. All satellites transmit signals everywhere on the planet not depending on the location of the Earth stations.

Dauria Aerospace is a Russian company that has own satellites on the orbit. Moreover, it is the only organization which products are imported by the U. S. The company’s feature is the production of small size apparatuses. Maintenance of big satellites is pretty expensive so the production of more compact ones was an ultimate solution.

Engineers at Lin Industrial design light rockets. Each of them weighs 2-16 t with carrying capacity of 11-180 kg. The rockets are aimed at orbiting small satellites.

CosmoCourse is a company with an ambition to organize space journeys for people. Its representatives are sure space tourism will become a popular entertainment.


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