Earth is found in Jupiter

Earth is found in Jupiter


A number of news portals reported that the Juno probe detected under the Jupiter’s surface a cluster of matter, similar to the Earth’s one. It is also said that due to the heat of Jupiter’s bowels, conditions similar to those of our planet may develop.

There is no official confirmation of the information: media refers to American scientists without names and surnames, without mentioning scientific journals or articles.

According to the source, the matter consists of dust accumulated during the entire existence of the planet. Moreover, its shell is built from hydrogen and sulfur, and there can be water under it, as well as all the conditions necessary for life.

Even if the information is not confirmed, and Juno did not find any planets under the Jupiter, the scientific world owes much to the probe. It is this probe that detected magnetic vortices on a giant planet and made a number of unusual and beautiful photos.

Juno was created specifically to study the largest planet in the solar system. It was launched on August 05, 2011, and in 2016 it reached its orbit. In 2018, the probe must complete its mission and burn in the atmosphere of the studied object, so as not to bump into its natural satellites.