Russian scientists created a 3D printed compact UAV engine

Russian scientists created a 3D printed compact UAV engine


Engineers from South Ural State University created innovative UAV electric motor. The main feature of a new device is that it was made using a 3D printer, therefore it is light and compact.

Brushless electric motors are one of the important parts of UAVs. After upgrading motors, experts managed to create a more compact configuration of the device. Despite the small size, specifications of the device are impressive: for example, the actual power is 3 kW. The unit weights 750 g. Such an engine is useful for industrial UAVs.

According to the developers, this configuration has become real due to a three-dimensional printing of coils. The details are light and solid. Therefore, the electric motor will last for years without a constant need to repair or update something.

The device has two parts, a rotor and a stator. The use of additive technologies in the manufacture accelerated the process.


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