NASA settled a date of Mars mission

NASA settled a date of Mars mission


NASA settled new dates of InSight lander’s dispatching and arriving to Mars. The launch is scheduled for 5 May 2018 in order it will enter the Red Planet on 16 November 2018. Let us recall that InSight Mission had to start in March this year but was delayed due to seismometer problems.

InSight was designed to explore Mars land using tools of seismography, geodesy, and geothermal survey. It will examine Mars internal structure, density, thickness, dimension and constitution of the nucleus of the planet, as well as its mantles and crusts. Researchers are going to study tectonic and seismic activities. All data will be useful for planning future missions as well as for determining formation and evolution of rocky planets, such as Mars and Earth.

Research will generally involve the following:

  • SEIS – a seismometer, measuring tectonic activity;
  • HP3 – a mole, measuring warm flows under Mars surface;
  • RISE – a magnetometer, measuring Martian ionospheric disturbances influenced by sun.

NASA is planning to land InSight near a planetary equator to provide its solar batteries with energy. The lander will be on Mars a bit less than 2 years. The device won’t move across the planet, because of being stationary.