The name of the new operator of the Sea Launch project was announced

The name of the new operator of the Sea Launch project was announced


The Sea Launch is a large international project on orbital launching of disposable load using Zenit rocket. The launch is performed from a special floating platform located in the Pacific Ocean. Now this project will be managed by the S7 Group’s subsidiary – the S7 Space Transportation Systems LLC.

About S7’s subsidiary

The S7 Space Transportation Systems LLC was founded in March this year. Interestingly, almost at the same time sales of the floating platform were announced. Company has a registered capital of RUB 75 million, and the total stock of shares belongs to the S7 Group. Sergey Sopov, CEO at S7, earlier worked at Baikonur Cosmodrome, and also held the position of CEO at The Avialeasing Company and Perm Engine Company.

The new owner of The Sea Launch specializes in space rocket launches and placing different objects into orbit. Besides that, the company carries out scientific researches, manufactures and maintains space vehicles and rockets.

Restarting The Sea Launch project

The Sea Launch project was launched in 1995 by several companies, including the Boeing Company, RSC Energia, Aker Solutions, Yuzhnoye State Design Office, and PA Yuzhmash. After a number of successful rocket launches from the floating platform, the project went bankrupt and was reorganized in 2010. At that time leading position in the project was taken by the Russian company Energia. In four years orbital launches were stopped.

Now there are plans to sell the Sea Launch project to the investor from Russia and co-owner of the S7 Group, Vladislav Filev. RSC Energia didn’t comment this deal. It is only known that orbital launches will be renewed not earlier than in two years.