SpaceX plans to launch two missiles in 48 hours

SpaceX plans to launch two missiles in 48 hours


SpaceX is going to launch two missiles within 48 hours, said Ilon Mask on his pages in social networks.

The attempt will be held on June 23-25. During this period, the first rocket should be launched from Cape Canaveral, and the second - from the Vandenberg base. This will be the next step of SpaceX in the formation of an advantageous model of space launches. According to the president of the company, Gwynne Shotwell, the next goal is the launch of the same missile a day after its return.

SpaceX's internal documents state that by 2019 the company plans to launch one rocket every 7 days. Until then, the maximum number of launches was 8 per year.

SpaceX services remain the cheapest on the US space industry market. If we compare them with the competitors, the difference is 200-500%. Some experts suggest that the company is doing everything in order to force out rivals from the market.