Space tourism: what, how and how much?

Space tourism: what, how and how much?


Like to travel? You have traveled around the world and it is rather hard to surprise you? Do not hurry to give up. The most exclusive is yet to come. This is a fascinating place that was visited by only 7 tourists and all those willing to try will have to spend $20 ml USD and more. We are talking about journey into space.

Space: where can it be found?

Although it seems so far away, you can see it simply lifting your head. This mysterious place is beyond the blue sky and clouds.

Sunlight is deflected and fills natural black color of the space with color. One can see the all-consuming black when coming out of the inner layers of the Earth's atmosphere. Today, no more than 500 people from around the world managed to do it. The height of 100 kilometers above sea level is the point which is considered to be boundary of space. Its scientific name is Kármán line. This is where one of the most beautiful and spectacular natural attractions - the northern lights are born, and the length of outer part of the Earth's atmosphere is over tens of thousands of kilometers. If the flight has reached the mark of 100 km, it can be called space flight.

What shall you go by on orbit?

The most well-known transport that was used to fly into space is domestic manual spacecraft "Soyuz" paired with rocket vehicle with the same name; over a hundred successful flights was effected with it. The length of this ship is not exceeding seven meters and its width is of about three meters. There are three units in "Soyuz": for instruments, lander and habitable. Middle unit is a place where space tourists travel. This space has residential capacity of about 3.5 meters where three people can travel. The capsule is designed for consequent drop of space travelers to the Earth. Another important for tourists place is toilet in habitable unit where you can see the dock and the hatch. In general the journey will last for about 10 hours.

For suborbital flights specially designed space ships will be used - they are unlikely to make it to the ISS, but they will overcome the boundary of space. Using them it is possible to float in zero gravity for 5-6 minutes.

Virgin Galactic is going to use SpaceShip in tandem with accelerator-aircraft WhiteKnight. It will be capable of placing six space tourists, who will enjoy specially prepared multifunctional ergonomic chair inside the spacecraft. Also, the ship is equipped with space for two crew members. Duration of the flight from Earth to the Karman line is no more than sixty minutes, and space travel in general may last for 2.5 hours.

Space Adventures will use detachable unit and booster Armadillo for flights – it will be identical to flight on ISS "Soyuz". Inside, there is room for two travelers. Flight is autonomous; it can be controlled from Earth. Total duration of the trip is about an hour.

Do you need a space pass?

There is no need in any special pass for space tourists, but you will still have to get visa of the country where the space flight will begin. Today, such a platform is Russian cosmodrome "Baikonur". Therefore one will need visa to Russia for the flight. Russians do not need a visa, it is enough to have internal passport. If shipping space odyssey will take place using service Virgin Galactic, you will also need a visa to the United States. Launch pad is a spaceport in New Mexico.


Here tourists will have to face serious check. It is forbidden to take food, cosmetics, appliances and electronics in space. There is also a ban on biological materials, clothes, shoes – you will not be allowed to take anything with you when going to "Gagarin's start". But you can take the book, for example, with you, if of course it will be preliminary checked by a special commission. Inspected object must obtain the assessment of its safety, and then it is sent to processing until it is completely sterile.

What about accommodation?

For tourists ISS becomes hotel, restaurant and attraction – all in one. 15 countries are involved in ISS program; some have their own individual modules. Tourists are invited to the Russian segment of the ISS, here a tourist is guaranteed a certain room in advance.

Tourist spends ten unforgettable days in the structural center of the Russian segment of the station, module "Zvezda". Here one can find everything for survival. Italian-made module «Cupola» has a viewing platform, and it consists of seven windows that offer beautiful views.

Safety of space tourists

Space is high-risk area, characterized by extremely rarefied atmosphere outside of the spacecraft, huge temperature ratio, low ISS maneuverability as for space velocities and closed space, which puts pressure on the psyche. For such conditions, materials with high strength and suitable for any emergency situations were chosen. In addition there is a clear description of actions on board.

To go on a flight, you need to be in good health and undergo a check. In the space, human body works completely differently and undergoes significant radiation. Just imagine: having spent a day in space you can be irradiated as having spent a year on Earth.

Climate in space

The temperature near ISS, as well as on our planet is fully dependent on sunlight. If the space station is in the shadows, the temperature overboard behind reaches -150°C. But if the sun is in the line of sight, thermometer may show + 150°C. Inside the ISS there is always the most comfortable temperature for astronauts - + 23-25​​°C. And instead of rain and snow you will see wreckage of satellites and other space debris flying over. Other important components of space weather include geomagnetic and solar activity that affects the well-being of astronauts and equipment performance. Time on the space station lags behind Moscow time for 3 hours.

 "Fridge magnets" from space

The most interesting souvenir - is, of course, photography of tourist against the background of the Earth. The rules of space tourism stipulates that all rights in use of visual materials taken by tourist during the flight, belong only to space tourist, and this means that you can bring back some of the money if you will sell such exclusive pics.

Space food

Here the tourist will be offered quite edible, varied and even tasty treats. The most important thing in the food is that it must be safe, with no perishable components and vegetation. Also, the food should only be natural, without nitrates and GMOs. Majority of products that can be found on the orbit, are prepared in a freeze-dried form without water. Tourists are offered special bread loaf which is enough for one bite only and it does not crumble. The components of the space diet are the same as that of the ordinary: it has appetizers, soups, main courses with a side dish, porridge and so on.

Flying as tourist attraction

The first flight into space will certainly give you the most vivid impressions; all who have been there say that they have experienced excitement and euphoria. Every minute spent in this flight will give a lot of exquisite impressions - visual, tactile, acoustic.

And you can experience amazing physical sensation of weightlessness. Without gravity, you can do a number of acrobatic figures without the risk of getting hurt in the process.


Today there is a lot of talk about additional possibilities of space tourism, namely the spacewalk. But the opportunity to stay in atmosphere of absolute silence, when only a thick spacesuit separates you from space, will cost you additional 15 million USD.

Getting close to the moon

Another announced project is the ability to fly around the Moon on the board of specially designed ship. Duration of such a trip is 5 days, and previously it was discussed that the service will be available as early as 2105, and the cost of such a pleasure will be no less than 100 million USD.