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The Russian analog of the ISS will function eternally

The Russian analog of the ISS will function eternally


Annual report of RSC Energia reveals that the station that will substitute the ISS will be able to maintain a working condition forever.

The working title of the analog is the Russian Orbital Station (ROS). The document states that its operation time is not restricted, as its construction implies the use of replaceable modules. Worked-out segments will be easily replaced with new ones.

The ROS is intended to strengthen Russia’s positions in space after the end of the ISS operation. Today, the life cycle of the International Space Station is limited to 2024 with a possible prolongation until 2028.

Initially, the backbone of the ROS will be made of relatively new modules of the national segment of the ISS: the Nauka and the Prichal modules. Creators expect that technologies for lunar missions will be developed on the station.