Russian experts offer to develop global satellite communications system

Russian experts offer to develop global satellite communications system


Vyacheslav Fateev, the representative of the Independent expert airspace council, has announced plans to develop a satellite communications system called Space Network. This technology will consist of 72 vehicles and operate in two modes. The first one is the activity of IP telephony and Internet with the speed up to 1 Mbps. The goal of the second mode is to transfer data via a space segment, interacting with a land-based network segment while exceeding the speed of 180 Mbps.

This innovative development will be able to provide data transfer globally and telephone communication between any points of the Earth in near space air space, operating in the real time.

Fateev revealed a main feature of the Space Network: multiple connection (each vehicle is connected to its grouping “neighbors”). Satellites should be placed at a height of 650 km at 82.5⁰ angle.

The project can be implemented in three-four years. Although the concept is agreed with Roscosmos, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Russian Academy of Sciences, it is known that the Space Network will cost approximately 20 billion rubles. Dr. Fateev thinks that this project will be especially interesting for military officers, but at the same time believes in double application of the program.

It is also planned to establish an orbit group, which will be worked out by students. The Ministry of Education and deputy head of Roskosmos signed an agreement with the Russian Academy of Sciences on developing and exploiting academic space vehicles. A network of students’ satellites is one of program branches. Developers believe that in future this group should be multi-satellite and system sets should be localized in higher education establishments and schools. Currently, the concept is agreed between departments.