Russia to build a rocket for moon flight by 2025

Russia to build a rocket for moon flight by 2025


Yurii Vlasov - Deputy General Director at “Roscosmos”– has announced that experts of the state corporation are planning to build a rocket aircraft for moon flight by 2025.

He has specified that experts have already started manufacturing components of the rocket. They will create hydrogenous stage which will play the role of the third stage at the base of a launch vehicle “Angara 5B”.

It is also planned to start a developmental project “Phoenix” aimed at creating the rocket. It will fulfill the functions of side stages of a super heavy-lift launch vehicle. A new vehicle will be able to carry about 2.5 t into the geostationary earth orbit and up to 17 t – into the low-earth orbit.

Although specialists have all resources for using new modules allowing Russian segment to function separately, the corporation will prolong their cooperation with the International Space Station up to 2028.

It is assumed that modules will start working by the beginning of 2018 in the following order: multirole laboratory, science power, docking adaptor, expandable activity module. In 2018 ISS will be equipped with a docking adaptor for five space aircrafts. This device is considered to be one of the best one regarding characteristics of docking, attachment, airlock and approach.