Russian Federation will send a robot to orbital station as a crew member

Russian Federation will send a robot to orbital station as a crew member


Combat robots are used in military operations, but they are also needed in space. Engineers are working on creation of avatar, a remotely controlled robot, in order to send him to the national orbital station.  Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin told about this development.

Avatar doesn’t need to wear a space suit for conducting extravehicular activities. It will be controlled remotely with the help of associate astronaut. It will allow doing researches in outer space and carrying out complicated operations.

Anthropomorphous robots that have machine vision and artificial intelligence help Russia gain new positions in the industry, develop physical and intellectual strengths, as well as get promoted at the stage of developing civil and military technologies.

Rogozin has highlighted that it’s high time to stop envying leading American organizations that successfully create unique robotechnics. 

Nowadays Russian defense ministry officials develop the best models of combat aviation, but can create a civil robot as well.

In support of this idea prototypes from The Advanced Research Foundation were demonstrated. One of them represented an engineering mockup of the front part of anthropomorphous remotely controlled platform. Mockup was controlling a car. All operations are made with the help of a suit, capable of reading motions of shoulders and arms.

The second development is also anthropomorphous, its actions are coordinated by operator with the help of a special program. Robot was used to imitate    welder’s operations.