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Lost Indian satellite found on the Moon orbit 8 years later

Lost Indian satellite found on the Moon orbit 8 years later


The first Indian unmanned lunar probe “Chandrayaan-1” was launched in October 2008. The contact with it was lost in 2009. Experts thought that the satellite had fallen down on the lunar surface but they were wrong.

On March 14, NASA specialists detected the space vehicle on the Moon orbit. They used several telescopes: experts were trying to find the satellite by generating radio waves in the direction of its possible location.

It appeared that “Chandrayaan-1” is still on the orbit 200 km away from the lunar surface. It wasn’t easy to find it: the station has the form of a cube 1.5 meters on each side. Moreover, NASA discovered American Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter – but it was less difficult because scientists were privy to its orbit.

According to NASA, their technology will play an essential role in the future space missions – both for estimating the probability of collision with launched objects and solving the problem of navigation and connection.

Aleksandr Shylo

Aleksandr Shylo

Project Head