Dedrone created a system to detect malicious drones

Dedrone created a system to detect malicious drones


Drones can be used both for peaceful purposes (saving people, delivering medicines), and for dangerous purposes as tools in the hands of criminals. Dedrone startup has developed a technology to detect malicious drones.

Special microphones, sensors and cameras control airspace. The operating range is 1.5 kilometers. The technology analyzes the information on detected quadrocopters and uses special software to determine why the device resides in the given territory. Moreover, it will provide data on the model of the device, its origin and type of cargo.

There are two situations that the system will counteract: a terrorist attack and espionage. According to the startup, the risk of each situation grows constantly. Hardly anyone analyzes today the number of drones in the air, their purposes, etc. Moreover, a person can notice 10% maximum of the total. Therefore, such a system will be an effective way of countering intruders.


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