‘Space flight dramatically changes an attitude to life’ – 7 space tourists

‘Space flight dramatically changes an attitude to life’ – 7 space tourists


Space tourism is a unique phenomenon: no visa but customs regulations are the strictest all over the globe. Just look out the window and see your destination point. However, almost no one may have a chance to reach it.



7 space tourists have already discovered the orbit:

  • Dennis Anthony Tito;
  • Mark Richard Shuttleworth;
  • Gregory Hammond Olsen;
  • Anousheh Ansari;
  • Charles Simonyi;
  • Richard Allen Garriott;
  • Guy Laliberté.

First tourist in space: what it all started with?

Dennis Anthony Tito was the first to try space tourism on April 28, 2001. The explorer was born in a poor family, founded own company, grew rich and has been successfully developing private business for many years. Soon, routine appeared boring: as the businessman got to know about an opportunity to discover the orbit, he decided to become the first space tourist and made an application.

It took Dennis Tito 8 months to prepare for the flight. He was already aged and needed all-round training. The businessman suffered a heart condition despite intensive exercising. Fortunately, his health state got better later.

Dennis Anthony Tito paid $20 m to spend almost 8 days in space. The millionaire was amazed by the flight and called it the brightest adventure of the lifetime.

Price for space tourism: the most expensive travel destination across the globe

The initial price for tourist space flights was $20 m in 2001 and reached $40 m in 2009.

Allegedly, budget options for space tourism will come soon priced at approximately $200 000, New York Times reports. Virgin Galactic will help fulfill your ambitions.

Space tourism by Virgin Galactic: the future of the industry

Virgin Galactic plans to organize short-term space flights for all the interested. One plane can board up to 8 people, including 2 pilots and 6 passengers. Thus, you can celebrate in space such remarkable event as a wedding, for example.

Flying time – 2.5 hours. It will take you approximately 5-6 minutes under zero gravity. According to the plan, an aircraft WhiteKnightTwo will reach the height of 16 km, then detach a spacecraft SpaceShipTwo that will continue the flight.

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