NPO Energomash on results of the outgoing year

NPO Energomash on results of the outgoing year


The Energomash scientific production association is a part of the Russian state corporation – Roskosmos, and is considered to be one of the world's leading manufacturers of liquid-fuel rocket engines. As we approach 2018, company published the results of its activity throughout the year. In general, the organization achieved all the goals set.



Here are some of them:

  • sending RD-191 engines for LV Angara;
  • 80th launch of the Atlas family rocket from ULA;
  • installation of 11 RD-180 engines for ULA;
  • installation of 4 RD-181 liquid-propellant engines for Antares rockets from Orbital ATK;
  • starting the production of improved RD-171MV engines in Soyuz 5 rocket.

Now the NPO is preparing for the full launch of RD-171MV part production and transforming documents and engineers’ designs into the e-version.

The device first testing will take place in two years, and the summer testing of Soyuz 5 – in five years. By 2021, specialists have to finalize the RD-171MV.

In addition, according to association development strategy, all production facilities will be modernized with new equipment, working conditions for employees – improved and the hold-down base – updated.


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