Space industry news: Moon flight, climate control space suit and Japanese rocket fall

Space industry news: Moon flight, climate control space suit and Japanese rocket fall


Moon Express got financing to launch Moon mission, Russian specialists designed new Orlan-MKS space suit, Japanese rocket with TRICOM1 satellite fell back into the sea, Lomonosov Moscow State University is opening new space research department – read details in news digest.

Moon Express will carry out Moon flight

US Moon Express startup got 45 million dollars to launch the Moon mission. The project was invested by Autodesk software supplier, such venture foundations as Collaborative Fund, Founders Fund, etc.

These finances were collected to launch Moon Express-1E lander on the Moon. MX-1E goal is to explore lunar surface using a photographic and video observation system.

Rocket Lab’s Electron launch vehicle can be used for Moon Express-1E launching.

Russian cosmonauts will get climate control space suit

Russian specialists developed Orlan-MKS space suit to replace the one lost during Progress MS-05 spacecraft wreckage. It was reported by Sergei Krikalev, director of manned programs at Roskosmos.

New equipment excels its Orlan predecessors in terms of new options. It has been supplemented by a temperature control automatic system and replaced polyurethane covers, which will increase the lifespan up to 20 spacewalks.

Japanese rocket with TRICOM1 satellite crashed

JAXA agency representatives told about the accident of tiny SS-520 rocket with TRICOM1 satellite. It was launched from the Uchinoura Space Center and fell into the Sea of Japan.

The accident happened, because propellant of the second rocket stage didn’t flame up. It was concluded by experts who analyzed telemetry data.

It was previously reported that TRICOM1 satellite managed to withdraw from the rocket at a height of 200 km above the Earth.

Lomonosov Moscow State University opens space research department

Victor Sadovnichy, Rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University, announced the plans to open a space research department. The educational process of the new department will focus on background knowledge. The lecturing staff will include mathematicians, astronomers, biologists, and IT experts.

Sadovnichy also mentioned the university space exploration programme. Moscow State University is the world’s only higher educational establishment, dealing with satellite design and launch. The establishment has already designed 400 vehicles and six of them have been sent into the space. The Mikhailo Lomonosov satellite was launched previous year. Students of Moscow State University are involved in data processing of its equipment.