3D Printer manufactured radiation shield aboard ISS

3D Printer manufactured radiation shield aboard ISS


The American startup, Made in Space, developed a radiation shield to be installed on the REM sensors inside the BEAM module once docked with ISS by using additive technologies. 

In early summer, NASA has firstly implied this module created by Bigelow Aerospace. The agency has been observing the influence of radiation on astronauts within projects to land a man on the Mars and to establish circumlunar stations. High radiation exposure being harmful for astronauts’ health hinders a process of important data collection.

The module has two radiation REM sensors monitoring a state of space environment. Having been printed directly on board of ISS, these 3D shields are to protect REM sensors from negative UV influence.

Made in Space provided their 3D Printer that can fully operate in zero-gravity-vacuum environment.

Printed shields are of different thickness, measuring of 1.1, 3.3 and 10 mm, which are considered to assist researchers in obtaining data on radiation level with a help of various protective systems.

Matt Napoli, Vice President of Made in Space, noted that additive technologies greatly accelerate experiments, thus allowing NASA to obtain new information in much shorter time.