Space news for recent days

Space news for recent days


InSpace Forum presents the latest news in the space research world: robot-insect, rocket for establishing scientific station on the Moon, development of space automated transfer vehicle to work with the ISS, etc.

Russia will design rocket to implement the plan for scientific station construction on the moon

The development of a super-heavy booster was approved in 2014 and the project was postponed in 2015. Creation of such a vehicle is a significant point in implementing a plan for the scientific base construction on the Moon.

Recently, President of the Russian Federation ordered to restart this project, although it wasn’t included into 2016-2025 program developed in spring.

Currently, Russia doesn’t have super-heavy boosters, because it doesn’t have vehicles, which transportation requires this equipment.

Roskosmos developed robot-insect for work in space

Robot-insect weighs only 70 mg, but can lift twenty times larger and move 5 times heavier cargo. It is radiation-hardened and can operate under -200 up to +200 °С.

It is equipped with at least 9 “legs” that can change “foot” bend. Special cover provides good coupler with angled surface, stepped and shaggy surface.

It will be a perfect helper required to check and asses the condition of hard-to-reach areas of space vehicles, to fix various elements of the space station and for other works in the open space.

Roskosmos will establish tracking stations to monitor rocket launch

In the Soviet times, Russia had 11ships used to get in contact with space vehicle out of radiovisibility zones. Currently, only one tracking station is operating.

Roscosmos is going to gradually reconstruct a fleet to observe the launch of rockets from Vostochny Cosmodrome (Russia’s spaceport).

Two tracking stations should be established and tested on ships by the end of November 2022.

Besides, one will establish a ground telemetry station on Sakhalin Island. The organization is also planning to upgrade old station.

Russia will open new design engineering departments

Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, said that new design engineering departments and laboratories would be opened in the nearest time, because of sanctions Russia could not buy items, software, etc. required to construct space vehicles and other equipment. Thus, it is necessary to create our own projects on producing all lacking elements.

It was declared by Dmitry Rogozin at the awarding ceremony for the winners of the contest for the best research and technology idea and development in the space exploration area.

New space automated transfer vehicles will come online after 2020

After 2020, new increased lift capacity ships will replace old units in servicing Russian cosmonauts working on the International Space Station. Vehicles will be launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome. Such changes will allow to save, because each shift will be transfer bigger and heavier cargo. Thus, the cost of one 1 kg cargo delivery will decrease by 15%.

To provide the ISS with food supplies the ship will enter an orbit three times per year. Due to increased size of a payload bay, it will have a center aisle.

Russia is also going to sell the ISS deorbiting service after the expiry of the station to NASA.

Schematic design of the ship will be completed by December 2016.