Head of Aeronet Sergey Zhukov to voice his opinion on commercial application of drones

Head of Aeronet Sergey Zhukov to voice his opinion on commercial application of drones


How to make drones a business? On March 21, test cosmonaut, entrepreneur and writer Sergey Zhukov will participate in the InSpace Forum 2018 panel discussion dedicated to commercial application of drones and answer this question.

He was Deputy Head of the working group on space at the Government and the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation that initiated the establishment Roscosmos and takes part in the adoption of the law ‘On Space’.

Founder of CJSC Center for Technology Transfer, one of the first Russian-based companies in the sphere of intellectual property and tech transfer for the military-industrial complex. Former member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics.

During 2011-2015, Executive Director of Space Technologies and Telecoms Cluster at Skolkovo Foundation, Advisor to the Chairman of the Innovative Development Board as well as Vice President of Skolkovo Foundation Business Development in the Far East.

Author of the book ‘Become an astronaut! Subjective story with feedback’ and other articles, winner of many awards and titles.

Currently, Sergey Zhukov is President of Moscow Space Club and Aeronet, Association of Drones Operators and Developers. He is also Head of the working group focused on legislation elaboration and elimination of regulatory barriers in terms of Roadmap of the Association.

As a member of the ISF-2018 panel discussion, the speaker will share an expert opinion on application of drones so that attendees will be able to pose all related questions.

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