Is the future in mastering other planets?

Is the future in mastering other planets?


At his lecture at the Sydney Opera House, renowned British physicist Stephen Hawking said that only relocation to the space will help mankind survive. According to him, people will not survive even another 1,000 years if mankind does not leave the limits of Earth.

To address the audience Hawking used holographic technology as at that moment he was staying in his office in Cambridge. The lecture ended with a call to look at the starts more often than at one’s feet.

According to the scientist, it is necessary try to understand that is in front of us, and look for answers to questions related to universe. Futurist Alexey Samykin, member of Russian Transhumanist Movement, commented on his interview. He agreed with the British. Samykin understand that the existence of the plant Earth is not eternal. Sooner or later the sun would disappear, and life in its present form would be impossible. To prolong our existence, it is necessary to continue developing technology and colonizing other planets, moving further in the solar system.

It should be noted that human cannot stay long in space in zero-gravity state, and especially perform interplanetary travels. In addition to zero-gravity one can list several other factors that have negative impact on health. We are talking about radiation, overloads during takeoff and landing. Transhumanism will ensure colonization of planets, according to Alexey Samykin.

Therefore, the person needs to improve, change, and create artificial body, develop anabiosis. That is why to travel to other planets we need months and years of training. Anabiosis will make it possible to grow older less during the trip and having woken up upon arrival perform necessary work

Advances in medicine will also contribute to it. More recently, cooling human became a part of clinical practice. It is carried out after serious injury associated with hemorrhage.

If the body temperature drops below zero, the surgeon will get extra hours to perform operation, which means patient's chances of survival are greatly enhanced. Now this experience shall be used in the field of space travel.

Alexey Samykin reminded that these programs existed back in Soviet times. But technical and economic reasons led to scrapping the projects.

Satellite launches are conducted regularly, but to carry out lunar flights, it is necessary to increase resources. To do this, you need to find different approach both to business and to international cooperation. Crisis in Russia and the United States will become hindrance. The task of the authorities  is to seek economic and technological investments.

According to the expert, the moon cannot be home for all earthlings and we should count orbital stations as bases for planet colonization. Solar system has a large number of asteroids, which are power resources. Attaching resource base to them will allow extracting metals, construction tools, crushing rocks. For all these things new technologies and development of a new paradigm are needed, because this is what will provide us with opportunities to continue exploring space. Also, humanity needs to cope with existing physical limitations. Today, there is a problem with sending people to Mars, because first of all it can problems with health.

It is widely known that in the sixties of the last century, they have already started practicing to freeze people in teeth of death hoping that in the future doctors will be able to help them. Cryostorages can be found only in Russia and the United States, the leading countries of space industry.

Alexey Samykin cryopreserved his terminally ill relative, and also signed a contract for carrying out similar procedure for himself in the future.

All that mankind can do having medical expertise in cryobiology is to use of cooling at highest possible level, replace the code with cryoprotectant and leave the patient stored in liquid nitrogen at temperature of 6 degrees Celsius.