Inginiti – new participant of the InSpace Forum 2018 exhibition area

Inginiti – new participant of the InSpace Forum 2018 exhibition area


Engineering and technology company Inginiti will take part in the exhibition area of the large-scale forum on commercial space exploration and drones InSpace Forum 2018.

This company specializes in materials science and robotics. According to the customer's specification, Inginiti employees develop all-weather satellite antennas, instrument casing, UAVs, robots and cryogenic equipment for operation in harsh conditions.



End products have special parameters:

  • low weight and high strength-to-weight ratio;
  • pre-defined stiffness and elasticity (including variable stiffness in monoliths and flexible structures construction);
  • electromagnetic permeability, absorption or reflection in a given range (from superhigh to X-ray);
  • dimensional stability;
  • electrical and thermal conductivity of structural elements;
  • their translucence;
  • functioning at low and high temperatures;
  • combination of dissimilar properties in different parts of monolithic products.

The company provides full cycle of product creation – from idea to production run. You can learn more about the Inginiti’s services at InSpace Forum 2018.

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