Human colonies on Mars will appear in 20 years

Human colonies on Mars will appear in 20 years


Scientists claim that Martian settlements won’t appear earlier than 2050.

Nevertheless, NASA released a video, featuring future colonies on the Red planet. The video was created in the form of a guided tour.  Official website of the agency states that even with a smoothly-running delivery system of cargo and equipment the first colony will be built only in around 20 years.


“Martian dwelling” from European scientists

NASA reports that “exploration zone” will stretch for approximately 100 km.

Outsized sealed rovers will be the first to be created on Mars.

The first constructions built there will be a solar power station and an astrobiological laboratory. Nearby will be stationed a hydroponic farm and storage. These buildings will be integrated into one system. Habitat modules, designed for scientists, will be built after all the others.