Hot Space Profession: Top 5

Hot Space Profession: Top 5


In the childhood, many of us answered "Astronaut" to the question: "What do you want to be?" Space always seemed like a magical land, accessible only for chosen people. However, in fact, sectors related to the space provide a lot of vacancies for both girls and boys.

1. Design engineer developing spacesuits

This expert cooperates with specialists of the transport spacecraft. He or she is engaged in the design. This person controls technical condition of the equipment for the astronauts that are adapted to live in extreme conditions.

The task of the engineer is to implement the creative potential by designing spacesuits in details. He or she has a direct access to the process of production of suits and their further testing. The candidate should possess extensive knowledge about the spacesuit design and the technology of its production. In addition, this process requires an approach to design that is not only innovative and creative, but also workable from a practical point of view.

2. Sniffer

You should agree that it is a little strange, but important position. This expert analyzes the smell of a variety of materials and components of the spacecraft during testing, before the crew goes into the space.

This is a very responsible position, because it is associated with the risk. For example, if the temperature rises, the emission of toxic substances dangerous to life and health of the astronauts can start. In addition, they cannot escape from that "flavor."

3. Space psychologist

This professional ensures that each member of the crew has a stable mental state, because they have to perform monotonous work, while being in the isolated space, and communicate with a limited number of people. This creates a lot of psychological problems in the orbit.

The task of the space psychologist is to form a team of people who are psychologically stable and mentally compatible with each other. The psychologist advises the crew before, during and after the flight, helps to take measures to preserve mental health while being on the board.

4. Space guide

Futurologists believe that this profession can be extremely popular and in demand.

Over the years, the number of private companies sending space tourists to the orbit will only increase. Today, it is possible to form a long queue of those wishing to pay a lot of money to go into space. This job suits those who dream to work in space, but do not have the proper technical knowledge to be an astronaut and to ensure the proper functioning of the spacecraft on the space station.

5. Astronaut

Although it is a very difficult and responsible position, it remains the most prestigious and interesting one in the space industry.

The number of those wishing to gain the glory of Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong is not reduced. Within more than fifty years, this profession excites the imagination of people of all generations.