Dragon by SpaceX successfully delivers cargo from the ISS

Dragon by SpaceX successfully delivers cargo from the ISS


In early summer, SpaceX launched a cargo spacecraft called Dragon using Falcon 9 reusable rocket.

It transported approximately 2.7 tons of cargo, including generally food products and special consumables for carrying out various investigations.

According to the plan, the ship should have undocked from the station on July 2. However, one decided to move the event to the next day due to the bad weather.


On July 3, conditions were appropriate, thus US astronaut Jack Fischer undocked Dragon from the Canadarm2 manipulator.

At the same day, Dragon safely alighted in the Pacific Ocean near the Port of Long Beach, California. Company’s representatives posted on Twitter that the spacecraft unleashed parachutes when approaching to the water surface and successfully completed a return flight. The cargo spacecraft had 1.9 tons of burden, including the results of scientific research and samples of unique developments.

We would like to remind that Russian astronaut Fyodor Yurchikhin and his colleagues from the USA, Jack Fischer and Peggy Whitson, are currently working on the ISS.