$30 million for a space flight

$30 million for a space flight


Nowadays the interest towards space tourism is growing. But the industry is of higher priority for private space organizations.

A flight to earth orbit can cost around $30-40 million, according to estimates from Roscosmos. And people are ready to pay this money. For state corporations this industry is not a priority, but it supports the development of private projects.

The first company to receive support was Cosmocourse, which is currently developing a carrier rocket and space vehicle for multiple suborbital flights. It will reach the height of 200 km, and 5 people will find themselves in zero-gravity for 5 minutes, while the whole flight will last for 15 minutes.  It will be a manned space flight. The company is planning to make the first launch in 2020. The flight will cost round $250 thousand.

All seven tourists who went into space flew in the Russian Soyuz spacecraft.