16716 hours airborne: well-known test pilot Yuri Kurlin died

16716 hours airborne: well-known test pilot Yuri Kurlin died


A famous test pilot Yuri Kurlin passed away, according to the press relations service of Antonov Company.

He died on February 27, 2018. He reached the age of 88 on September 17, 2017.

During his career, Yuri Kurlin made a significant contribution to the development of Russian aviation, actively participated in the creation and testing of generally recognized AN aircrafts.

Yuri Kurlin joined Antonov in 1958. He was engaged in flight tests until 1994. Thereafter, the pilot held a position of training instructor and educated beginning pilots in the flying art.

Yuri Kurlin established 4 world aviation records using AN-32. In general, he spent 16716 hours airborne.

He headed the world’s first team to control the largest turbo-prop airplane: AN-22 Antei. The major event took place 53 years ago, on February 27, 1965. The plane was flying above Svyatoshyn Airport in Kyiv during one hour and five minutes. Antei featured the world’s record weight-lifting ability and size.


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